We Know Bioanalysis.

At Lablytica, we offer bioanalytical services to quantify your drug or biomarker in a variety of biological matrices. All method development, validation, and analysis activities at Lablytica utilize fully qualified instruments at our facility in Uppsala, Sweden. Lablytica is fully compliant with OECD GLP and performs method validation and PK sample analysis for preclinical and clinical studies according to ICH M10.

At Lablytica, our team consists of dedicated analytical chemists who aim for both fast and high-quality delivery of results. We specialise in bioanalysis of both large and small molecules during the preclinical and clinical stages of your drug development. Lablytica also offers GLP compliant dose formulation analysis to cover all your analytical needs.

Lablytica is part of the Swedish OECD GLP program. The last OECD GLP inspection of Lablytica was performed in December 2022.

Lablytica is regularly inspected by SWEDAC, the regulatory body performing OECD GLP inspection of laboratories in Sweden.

Lablytica is represented in the core group of the European Bioanalysis Forum (EBF).