About us


Lablytica specializes in bioanalytical services, including sample analysis in plasma, tissue samples, and urine. Research and development activities carried out at our facility in Uppsala, Sweden, are fully compliant with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and conform to regulatory guidelines from ICH M10. The laboratory is part of the Swedish OECD GLP regulatory inspection program from SWEDAC.

At Lablytica we offer:

  • Bioanalytical services for quantitative drug and metabolite analysis.
  • Method development for bioanalysis, or method transfer for existing methods, followed by validation in line with FDA and EMA guidelines.
  • Bioanalysis of biomarkers.
  • GLP support for pre-clinical studies with small sample volumes.
  • Bioanalytical support for clinical studies, such as dose escalation studies (SAD and MAD), with short turnaround times, as well as for clinical studies with large sample numbers, such as bio-equivalency and bioavailability studies.
  • Dose formulation analysis for GLP studies.
  • Fully automated 96-well and 384-well sample processing and analysis.
  • Cutting edge technology, utilizing automated extraction and analytical instrumentation, including high sensitivity and specificity with both ELISA and LC-MS/MS.
  • Synthesis and use of stable-isotope-labelled internal standards.

Lablytica is a spin-off company from Recipharm OT Chemistry in Uppsala, Sweden.

Since 2016, Lablytica has been part of the SWEDAC GLP inspection program for the performance of GLP analytical study phases. In November 2019, we became an independent company owned by the holding company Center for Translational Research